Our mobile auto paint experts are trained and equipped to bring industry leading results. When it comes to automotive reconditioning, time and money can make all the difference. 


Auto Art takes pride in delivering same day solutions at affordable prices to get your vehicles front line ready!  


  • Our technicians enhance the appearance of vehicles on your lot while providing your dealership with additional opportunities to increase revenue through the service department.
  • Environmentally friendly, we follow environmental and air regulations to ensure compliance.
  •  Providing high quality and satisfaction to our clients is our number one priority

Auto Art offers a variety of affordable mobile auto paint repair options. Any cosmetic imperfections that are inflicted on your vehicles, from stone chips and scratches to bumper and panel refinishing. Additionally, our paint repairs are often a fraction of the cost of a regular collision-body shop. 


Below are services performed but not limited to:

  • Bumper Repairs
  • Panel Refinishing
  • Bumper Alignment
  • Trim Reconditioning
  • Headlight Restoration

Touch Up and Surface Buff solutions. In many cases, refinishing a surface isn't necessary. Our skilled professionals understand that even defects as simple as a paint chip can turn your customer away. Our attention to detail provides you with the confidence and assurance to close deals.  


Below are services performed but not limited to:

  • Paint Touch-Up
  • Wet Sand and Buff Scratch Removal
  • Paint Correction 
  • Headlight Restoration