About Us

Experiencing some unwelcome damage on your car but hesitant about the high costs of a body shop or dealing with insurance claims? We've got you covered! At Auto Art, we specialize in repairing bumpers, fenders, dents, scratches, and scuffs, often at a price lower than your deductible. Contact Auto Art today to schedule a free estimate!

Since 2012, Auto Art has been dedicated to maintaining the aesthetic appeal of cars and trucks on Austin’s roads, while helping our clients save on costly auto body shop bills. We can mend most damage within just a few hours, so you won’t need to endure days without your vehicle. If your vehicle has unsightly scratches or scuffs, don’t continue to drive around embarrassed. Let us handle the repairs for less than your insurance deductible!

High Quality

At Auto Art, we are your ultimate destination for all automobile resurfacing needs. While bumpers are our specialty, we handle much more. From hoods to panels and doors, we’ve got your vehicle covered.

Same Day Service

Depend on Auto Art: We’re not only locally owned but also offer same-day turnaround times. Fast, reliable, same-day service that fits your busy schedule. Request a quote and discover what we can accomplish for you today.

Affordable Pricing

Thanks to our lower operational costs compared to traditional body shops, both your wallet and you will appreciate our services. We charge less than half of what you might expect to pay at a standard body shop!